Discraft Z FLX Scorch (Valerie Mandujano Tour Series)

​ ​As an experienced copy editor, allow me to rephrase your vendor’s description of the Discraft Z FLX Scorch:

Introducing the Discraft Z FLX Scorch, a top-of-the-line understable distance driver that is now available in a stunning translucent Jawbreaker-colored plastic. This 2024 Tour Series disc proudly features the signature of Valerie Mandujano, with a portion of each sale directly supporting her journey on the Disc Golf Pro Tour. Boasting a reputation for high glide and controllable turn, the Z FLX Scorch offers exceptional grip and durability. It’s the perfect choice for players looking to achieve long, consistent flights, and its eye-catching appearance makes it a standout on the course. With a flight rating of 11 for speed, 6 for glide, -2 for turn, and 2 for fade, this disc delivers top-notch performance without compromising on style. 






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