UFO – Royal Firm Plastic (Royal Alpha) | MASHUP – WHOLESALE

​ ​Vendor: Mint Discs
Type: Discs
Price: $8.00
The UFO is our third putt and approach disc. It features a large bead and a deeper rim compared to our other two putters, the Bullet and Profit. The UFO can be thought of as a hybrid of the Bullet and Profit. When thrown flat, it has a neutral initial flight with a smooth forward fade. On hyzer or anhyzer throws, it will hold its line and finish with a gentle forward movement. Essentially, the UFO is a slower version of the Bullet or a well-worn Profit. We believe it is our best overall putter to date, suitable for all putting styles, whether you prefer a spin or loft/push technique. Our Royal plastic is our “pro grade” material. It offers superior grip in all weather conditions compared to our Sublime, Apex, or Eternal plastics. The tacky texture is soft yet firm, providing a unique feel. Royal plastic is also a great choice if you want your disc to wear in or “season” faster. As it loses its high speed stability, it will typically fly straighter. The UFO has a flight rating of 2/3/0/1 and a unique serial number of RO-UF01-23. It is PDGA approved, so you can trust its quality without compromising any technical specifications. 






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