Discmania Neo Essence

​ ​As a skilled copy editor, allow me to rephrase your vendor description for the Discmania Neo Essence fairway driver:

The Discmania Neo Essence is a premium understable fairway driver, perfect for beginners. Priced at $19.95, this versatile control driver boasts exceptional glide and is crafted with Discmania’s Neo plastic – a slightly gummy, easy-to-grip, and highly durable material. Whether you’re a new player or an experienced one, the Neo Essence is effortless to throw and can execute hyzer flip lines and long-distance rollers with ease. It’s also ideal for dog-leg right shots that require minimal fade. For those who have yet to develop their arm speed, this disc is an excellent first driver. And if you’re a fan of the Neo plastic, we also offer the Discmania Neo Instinct, Neo Method, Neo Splice, and Neo Mutant. Other comparable options include the Innova Star Leopard, Legacy Icon Patriot, and Innova Halo Leopard3. The Discmania Neo Essence boasts impressive flight numbers: Speed 8, Glide 6, Turn -2, and Fade 1. It is commonly used for hyzer flips and controlled drives, and its stability is classified as understable. Suitable for any level of experience, this disc measures 1.8 cm in height, with a rim depth and thickness of 1.2 cm and 1.8 cm, respectively. Its diameter is 21 cm, and it has a flexibility rating of 11.59 kg, with a maximum weight of 174.3 grams. 






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