Kastaplast K1 Kaxe

​ ​The Kastaplast K1 Kaxe is a top-performing overstable midrange driver, priced at $19.95. Designed for power drives and challenging windy conditions, this disc is a go-to choice for intermediate and advanced players. Its high level of overstability makes it ideal for powerful throws, particularly forehand shots thanks to its impressive torque resistance. The K1 Plastic used in its construction is known for its gradual wear and ability to maintain stability, while also providing a grippy and slightly gummy feel. For avid Kastaplast enthusiasts, the K1 Rask is a must-have addition to your disc collection. Other variations of the Kaxe include the Kastaplast K1 Soft Kaxe, Kastaplast K3 Kaxe, and Kastaplast Kaxe Flight Numbers, with flight ratings of Speed: 6, Glide: 4, Turn: 0, and Fade: 3. This versatile disc is commonly used for midrange drives and boasts an overstable stability level, making it a great choice for intermediate players. Its dimensions and specs include a height of 1.9 cm, rim depth of 1.3 cm, rim thickness of 1.5 cm, and diameter of 21.0 cm. With a flexibility rating of 9.30 kg and a maximum weight of 174.3 gr, the Kastaplast K1 Kaxe is a unique and essential addition to any disc golfer’s bag. 






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