Streamline Eclipse Glow Lift

​ ​As an expert copy editor, I have rephrased your vendor description to make it more engaging and unique while retaining all the necessary technical information:

Introducing the Streamline Eclipse Lift – a stable distance driver that will revolutionize your glow rounds. Priced at just $19.95, this disc is a must-have for any disc golf enthusiast. Its vibrant glow makes it impossible to lose, even in the darkest of nights.

The Eclipse Lift is a versatile addition to your bag, perfect for both forehand and backhand throws. Its stable flight path and easy handling make it a go-to choice for players of all levels. In fact, if you could only play with one disc during a glow round, the Streamline Eclipse Lift would be a top contender.

But that’s not all – the Eclipse Lift is just one of the many amazing discs in the Eclipse series. Check out the Eclipse Envy, Eclipse Proxy, and Eclipse Glow Vinyl for even more options.

Now, let’s talk numbers. The Streamline Eclipse Lift has a speed of 9, glide of 5, turn of -2, and fade of 1.5. It’s commonly used as a distance driver and boasts a stable stability rating. No matter your experience level, the Eclipse Lift is sure to elevate your game.

But enough talk, let’s get into the specs. With a height of 1.7 cm, rim depth of 1.2 cm, and rim thickness of 2.0 cm, the Eclipse Lift has a diameter of 21.2 cm. It has a flexibility rating of 11.93 kg and a maximum weight of 176.0 gr.

Don’t miss out on the Streamline Eclipse Lift – the ultimate disc for glow rounds. Order yours today and experience the difference for yourself. 






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