MVP Neutron Resistor

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The MVP Resistor in Neutron plastic is a top choice for players seeking a dependable overstable fairway driver that can withstand windy conditions. Crafted from premium-grade plastic, this disc offers excellent grip and is ideal for those who prefer a gradual breaking-in process. A must-have addition to any player’s bag, the Resistor boasts a sleek design and will quickly become your go-to fairway driver. Please note that due to the dyeing process, some dyed discs may display ink drips or smears on the bottom or around the edge.

Originally released in September 2012, the Resistor was one of MVP’s first three offerings. With a predictable flight path and reliable skip, this very overstable fairway driver offers a comfortable grip and performs well for both backhand and sidearm throws. For intermediate to advanced players, the MVP Neutron Resistor is a fantastic choice. You may also want to check out the MVP Neutron Volt or the MVP Neutron Terra. The MVP Neutron Resistor boasts the following flight numbers: Speed: 7, Glide: 4, Turn: 0, Fade: 3.5.

Commonly used for fairway drives, the Resistor is known for its overstable stability and is recommended for intermediate to advanced players. Its beadless rim design offers a comfortable grip and the following dimensions and specs: Height: 1.5 cm, Rim Depth: 1.2 cm, Rim Thickness: 1.7 cm, Diameter: 21.1 cm, Flexibility: 10.21 kg, Max Weight: 175.1 gr. Don’t miss out on this unique and reliable disc – add the MVP Neutron Resistor to your collection today. 






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