MVP Neutron Reactor

​ ​The MVP Neutron Reactor is a top-notch stable midrange disc, priced at 17.95. Designed for all skill levels, this disc offers a consistent flight every time. It is the larger counterpart to the Axiom Neutron Hex, with a smooth glide and more fade. When thrown straight, the Reactor flies straight with a slight fade at the end. For those with a stronger throw, it can also hold an anhyzer line before fading back to a flat finish to the left. The Neutron Reactor has a low profile and a smaller rim compared to other midranges, making it comfortable to grip and perfect for forehand shots. We also carry the Elaine King Eclipse Glow Reactor. Similar discs include the MVP Neutron Matrix, Discmania C-Line MD3, and Latitude 64 Opto Compass. The MVP Neutron Reactor has a flight rating of 5/5/-0.5/1.5 and is commonly used for midrange drives. It has a stable stability and can be used by any player. Its dimensions are 1.7 cm in height, 1.3 cm in rim depth, and 1.4 cm in rim thickness, with a diameter of 21.4 cm. It has a flexibility rating of 9.87 kg and a maximum weight of 177.6 grams. 






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