Axiom Neutron Vanish

​ ​The Axiom Neutron Vanish is a top-of-the-line understable distance driver designed for maximum distance. Crafted with Axiom’s premium Neutron plastic, this translucent driver offers a perfect balance of comfort and durability. Its impressive turn allows for hyzer flips, while maintaining enough stability to prevent turnovers. Despite its advertised fade rating, I have found this disc to have a stronger fade at the end of throws. It bears resemblance to the MVP Neutron Wave, but with a slightly slower speed. When thrown with full power and a touch of anhyzer, it will gracefully turn to the right before gently fading back. For a sweeping turnover line, simply throw it high and flat. This driver is a game-changer for intermediate to advanced players seeking a reliable hyzer flip/roller driver. Similar options include the Axiom Neutron Tenacity, Discraft Z Avenger SS, and Axiom Neutron Virus. The Axiom Neutron Vanish boasts impressive flight numbers: Speed: 11, Glide: 5, Turn: -3, Fade: 2. It is commonly used for distance drives and has an understable stability. Recommended for intermediate and above players, it has a height of 1.5 cm, rim depth of 1.1 cm, rim thickness of 2.2 cm, and diameter of 21.1 cm. With a flexibility rating of 8.98 kg and a maximum weight of 175.1 gr, this disc is a must-have for any disc golf bag. 






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