Innova Shimmer Star Wraith (Reaper Edition)

​ ​The Innova Shimmer Star Wraith is a top-of-the-line overstable distance driver, priced at 19.95. This disc boasts a perfect balance of speed, glide, and stability, making it a must-have for any serious disc golfer. Its striking appearance, thanks to Innova’s Shimmer Star plastic, not only catches the eye but also provides superior grip and durability. With a consistent flight path, the Wraith can handle both tailwinds and headwinds effortlessly, making it a reliable choice for players of all levels. Its flight numbers are 11 for speed, 5 for glide, -1 for turn, and 3 for fade. Elevate your game with the exceptional performance and style of the Shimmer Star Wraith. 






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