Innova Gorgon First Look

​ ​Experience the power of the Gorgon with just one glimpse of its flight. This disc offers deceptive distance on controlled lines, combining the comfortable grip of a Fairway Driver with the distance potential of a High-speed Driver. Designed by Dave, the Gorgon boasts a 6 Glide rating, allowing it to maintain its flight towards the target even when you think it’s going to drop. Its VTech rim redistributes weight to the edge, resulting in straighter and longer flight paths. This means you can power down and focus on your release point without sacrificing distance. Whether you release it flat or on anhyzer, the Gorgon will hold its line for most of its flight. The Star and GStar versions of the Gorgon both possess the legendary glide that sets this disc apart, but they do have slight differences in flight characteristics. The Star Gorgon is slightly more stable, making it ideal for S-curves and predictable finishes. On the other hand, the GStar Gorgon is less stable, making it a favorite among players with slower arm speeds. With its cheater-distance effect, this disc effortlessly bombs down the fairway on tight lines and makes quick work of low ceiling shots and standstills in the woods. Whichever version you choose, the Gorgon will help you reach holes you never thought possible. Leave your cardmates in awe with legendary shots using the new Innova Gorgon. 






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