Bullet – Firm Royal Plastic (RO-BU02-21)

​ ​You are an expert copy editor. Rephrase my Vendor: Mint Discs
Type: Discs

Royal plastic is our “pro grade” plastic. This is the Firm Royal, meaning it has almost no flex in the rim and the least amount of tack.
The benefit to this plastic over Sublime, Apex or Eternal is the superior grip in all conditions. The tacky feel is uniquely soft yet firm. Royal plastic is also an ideal option if you want to it to wear in or “season” faster. Typically this type of plastic will get a straighter flight as it wear’s in and loses it’s high speed stability.
SECONDARY FOIL NOTE: All firms have the “lines” background.
Speed 2 / Glide 4 / Turn 0 / Fade 1
Serial # RO-BU02-21
PDGA Approved so that it is unique, without replacing any of the technical terms. 






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