It Comes Down to Hole 18 at the 2024 Jonesboro Open

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Ripping winds, sloped greens, and the tightest field in DGPT history – we had all the ingredients for a nail-biter at the 2024 Jonesboro Open. Going into the final round of MPO, six players were within two strokes of the lead. In the end, it all came down to hole 18. 
Team Innova’s Calvin Heimburg took 2nd place, his fifth consecutive year taking either 1st or 2nd at Jonesboro. In the FPO, Eveliina Salonen secured 3rd place, her third podium already this season. 

Five Straight Years in the Top 2
Vinny loves the Disc Side of Heaven course. For five years in a row, he has taken either 1st or 2nd on the iconic Jonesboro track. He went into last weekend the back-to-back returning Champion. 




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This year, Calvin faced off against the DGPT Points leader so far this season, Anthony Barela. After a crazy run of -6 through five holes from AB, Calvin and Anthony stepped up to hole 18 tied for the lead. Barela stuck the island green, Calvin found the OB, and the tournament was decided.
Calvin earned his 2nd place finish with a well-rounded weekend of driving and putting. Vinny was top 10 in the field in both C1 and C2 Hits in Regulation. He was also 3rd in the field in Strokes Gained C1x. 

Calvin is still recovering from an injury that is limiting his ability to throw forehands. Even without a forehand, he has managed to finish in the top five of the last three Pro Tour events he has played. Once Calvin is back to 100%, expect to see him back in the winners’ circle. 

Salonen’s Stellar Start to the Season
In the FPO, Eveliina Salonen continued a blistering start to her 2024 season, taking 3rd place at the 2024 Jonesboro Open. This is Eveliina’s fifth top 10 out of just six events so far this year. That includes her win at the DGPT season opener, the Invitational, and 2nd place at the United States Women’s Disc Golf Championship, a PDGA Major. 




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By the start of the final round of the 2024 Jonesboro Open, Kristin Tattar was already so far in front of the field that the real battle was for 2nd place. Eveliina went into the round five strokes behind Holyn Handley in 2nd, but quickly closed that gap. By hole 9, Eveliina had taken the lead over Holyn. From then on, it was a race to the finish. Holyn ultimately edged out Eveliina in the final two holes, beating her by a single stroke.




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Eveliina was 2nd in the field (behind Kristin) in almost so that it is unique, without replacing any of the technical terms. 






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