Axiom Fission Envy

​ ​The Axiom Fission Envy is a premium overstable putter, priced at $18.95. This disc is a versatile choice for players of all levels, thanks to its stable flight and Axiom’s grippy Fission plastic. Whether used for throwing or driving, the moderate fade provides added torque resistance for powerful throws. It excels as a sidearm upshot disc, making it a top choice for driving approach shots. The Axiom Fission Envy boasts flight numbers of 3, 3, 0, 2 and is commonly used for approach shots. Its stability is rated as stable, making it suitable for any player. The disc features a beadless rim and measures 1.8 cm in height, with a rim depth of 1.4 cm and thickness of 1.1 cm. Its diameter is 21.0 cm and it has a flexibility rating of 8.73 kg. The maximum weight for this disc is 174.3 grams. 






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