Axiom Neutron Paradox

​ ​Looking for a durable and versatile understable midrange disc? Look no further than the Axiom Neutron Paradox, priced at 17.95. This disc is perfect for players of all levels, with its ability to handle tough shots and its versatility for long turnover lines, hyzerflips, and rollers. Made with premium-grade Neutron plastic, the Paradox is built to last. Check out other great understable options from MVP/Axiom, such as the MVP Neutron Uplink, MVP Neutron Signal, and MVP Neutron Relay. The Axiom Neutron Paradox has a flight rating of Speed: 5, Glide: 4, Turn: -4, Fade: 0, and is commonly used for midrange shots. Its stability is classified as understable, making it suitable for any player. The disc has a beaded rim and dimensions of 1.8 cm height, 1.3 cm rim depth, 1.3 cm rim thickness, and a diameter of 21.5 cm. It has a flexibility rating of 7.05 kg and a maximum weight of 178.5 grams. 






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