Axiom Neutron Insanity

​ ​As an expert copy editor, I have rephrased your vendor description of the Axiom Neutron Insanity disc golf driver:

The Axiom Neutron Insanity is a versatile and reliable disc golf distance driver, perfect for players of all skill levels. Please note that dyed discs may have ink droplets or smudges on the underside or perimeter due to the dyeing process.

Once you have determined your throwing and nose angles, the Neutron Insanity can hold any line with ease. Its durable Neutron plastic can withstand a significant amount of wear and tear, making it a go-to driver in any situation. The average-sized rim also makes it comfortable for sidearm dominant players, and its torque resistance allows for powerful throws.

The Axiom Insanity is a must-have disc for any player, with its versatility and reliability making it a top choice time and time again. It is also available in other plastics, including Insanity Proton, Insanity Plasma, and Insanity Fission. The flight numbers for the Neutron Insanity are Speed: 9, Glide: 5, Turn: -2, and Fade: 1.5. It is commonly used as a distance driver and has a stable to understable stability. Recommended for intermediate players and above.

For more information, the dimensions and specifications of the Axiom Insanity are as follows: Height: 1.4 cm, Rim Depth: 1.1 cm, Rim Thickness: 2.0 cm, Diameter: 21.1 cm, Flexibility: 8.28 kg, and Max Weight: 175.1 gr. This disc is truly unique and a valuable addition to any disc golf bag. 






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