MVP Electron Anode (Cosmic, Soft, Medium, Firm)

​ ​Are you in search of a reliable putter that can handle any line? Look no further than the MVP Electron Anode. Available in Soft, Medium, Firm, and Cosmic Electron plastics, this putter offers exceptional grip and versatility. Whether you need to navigate around a tree with an anhyzer shot or aim straight for the basket with a line-drive, the MVP Anode in Electron plastic has got you covered. Explore our selection of MVP Anode putters, including the Electron Atom, Electron Ion, and Axiom Electron Envy. With a flight rating of 2.5/3/0/0, this putter is perfect for both putting and approach shots and offers a stable experience for players of any level. Its beadless rim design and dimensions of 2.1 cm height, 1.4 cm rim depth, 1.1 cm rim thickness, and 21.0 cm diameter make it a top choice among players. With a maximum weight of 174.3 grams and a flexibility rating of 6.80 kg, the MVP Anode is a must-have for any disc golf enthusiast. 






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