Discraft Z Lite Venom

​ ​Transform your disc golf game with the Discraft Z Lite Venom. This top-of-the-line overstable distance driver is a must-have for experienced players and challenging windy conditions. Its powerful design allows for maximum torque and a dependable finish, while the durable and lightweight Z Lite plastic ensures unmatched performance and distance. With a flight rating of 13 speed, 5 glide, 0 turn, and 3 fade, this disc is not recommended for beginners. Its 1.2 cm height, 1.6 cm rim depth, 2.2 cm rim thickness, and 21.0 cm diameter make it a versatile choice for hyzers and windy shots. With a flexibility rating of 9.98 kg and a maximum weight of 174.3 grams, the Discraft Z Lite Venom is a game-changing addition to any disc golfer’s arsenal. 






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