Kastaplast K3 Hard Berg

​ ​As an experienced copy editor, I would suggest the following rephrasing:

The Kastaplast K3 Hard Berg is a top-of-the-line, stable putter that is priced at $14.95. This beadless base plastic disc is known for its exceptional grip, making it a popular choice for putt and approach shots. Its minimal glide ensures a consistent and predictable flight, eliminating any worries of unexpected skips. The concave top adds a unique touch to the design and provides a comfortable resting spot for your thumb during right-hand backhand shots.

Crafted from Kastaplast’s K3 Hard plastic, this disc offers the same level of grip and flexibility as the original K3 plastic, but with added stiffness for increased stability. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a Hard K3 Berg today! The flight numbers for this disc are as follows: Speed: 1, Glide: 1, Turn: 0, Fade: 2. It is commonly used for putt and approach shots and is known for its overstable nature. Suitable for all levels of experience, the disc features a beadless rim and measures 2 cm in height, with a rim depth of 1.4 cm and a thickness of 0.9 cm. Its diameter is 21.1 cm and it has a maximum weight of 178.0 cm. 






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