Discraft Putter Line Zone OS

​ ​The Discraft Putter Blend Zone OS is a top choice for experienced players seeking a reliable and precise overstable putter. Priced at 13.95, this versatile utility disc is crafted with a blend of Pro-D and X-line plastics, providing a flippier flight and superior grip. Whether executing forehand throws, spike hyzers, or approach shots, the Zone OS excels in all situations, even in challenging wind and weather conditions. Its trusted reputation for consistency and reliability makes it a go-to option for advanced players. Explore more Zone OS plastics here. Flight numbers include a speed of 4, glide of 2, turn of 1, and fade of 5, making it unsuitable for beginners. This putt and approach disc boasts a very overstable stability and is made of Putter Blend plastic. It is designed for forehand throws, spike hyzers, and approach shots, and its PDGA dimensions include a height of 1.8 cm, rim depth of 1.4 cm, rim thickness of 1.2 cm, diameter of 21.2 cm, flexibility of 12.05 kg, and a maximum weight of 176.0 gr. 






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