Discraft Swirly ESP Buzzz SS (Tim Barham Tour Series)

​ ​As an expert copy editor, allow me to rephrase your vendor’s description:

Introducing the Discraft Swirly ESP Buzzz SS, a limited edition midrange disc designed by renowned player Tim Barham. Known for his skill with the Buzzz SS, Barham’s Tour Series disc is a must-have for any disc golf enthusiast. With a speed of 5, glide of 4, turn of -2, and fade of 1, this disc is perfect for beginners and intermediate players. Its understable stability and beadless rim make it a versatile choice for any course. Measuring 2.1cm in height, with a rim depth and thickness of 1.3cm, and a diameter of 21.6cm, this disc weighs in at a maximum of 179.3 grams and has a flexibility rating of 9.87 kg. Don’t miss out on this unique and highly sought-after disc! 






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