Kyle Klein: Inside the Mind of a Champion

​ ​Kyle Klein consistently demonstrates his champion mindset on the biggest stages in disc golf week after week. We were curious to uncover the secrets behind his success as a top competitor, so we reached out to Kyle for a closer look at his greatest victories. As a member of Team Discmania, Kyle embodies the qualities we look for in our players, including practice, focus, determination, and most importantly, a winning mentality. “I approach every tournament with the goal of winning. I know I have the ability to win, so there’s no reason why I can’t. I just have to stick to my game plan and execute winning strategies. I never want to finish outside of the top 10 in any event.” For Kyle, winning is always the ultimate goal, and he measures his success by his place on the leaderboard as he sinks his final putt. The recognition and perks that come with being a top competitor, such as having his own Signature Series Cosmic Fury 2, serve as validation for all of his hard work. “When Discmania approached me in the winter of 2020 to create a Signature Series disc, I was overjoyed. It was a sign that my hard work was paying off and I felt a sense of accomplishment.” Kyle emphasizes the importance of preparation in his success. During high-pressure situations, he relies on the hard work he puts in before the tournament to stay focused and execute his game plan. “I make sure to get 2 to 4 practice rounds in before each tournament to familiarize myself with the course and feel comfortable with each shot. I don’t want to second guess myself on the course. I even prepare for unexpected weather conditions. There have been times when I’ve encountered strong winds or other challenging conditions, but I adapt and maintain full confidence. You can’t just hope for a good outcome, you have to know it will happen.” When it comes to young players looking to make a name for themselves in disc golf, Kyle stresses the importance of practice and hard work. “The key is to practice consistently and never slack off. You have to put in the work and grind for it. It will pay off, but you have to earn it.” Of course, we couldn’t talk about winning moments and mentality with Kyle without delving into his 2023 USDGC title. What factors contribute to an epic win at a PDGA Major event? For Kyle, it all comes down to confidence, built upon his hard work and past successes. “All of the work I’ve put in to become a professional and top player reminds me that I deserve to be there. There’s no reason why I can’t go out and win every weekend. I tell myself that before and during each round. I try not to treat Majors any differently, because I want to maintain the same mindset. I just focus on playing like it’s any other round and worry about the significance afterwards.” Kyle’s track record of success, from C-Tier and Advanced Division wins to a PDGA Major title, is a testament to his unique abilities and unwavering determination. 






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