Freetail – Sublime Plastic (Super Mint Squad)

​ ​As a skilled copy editor, allow me to rephrase your vendor description:

Introducing Mint Discs, the ultimate destination for all your disc needs. Our latest addition, the Freetail, is a top-of-the-line driver inspired by the Mexican Free-tailed Bat, a native species of our beloved city, Austin, Texas. Unlike the powerful Alpha, the Freetail is designed for precision and control. With a simple flat spin, you can achieve the most impressive turnover of your disc golf career. And for those with a stronger arm, a slight hyzer will result in a smooth and effortless flip up line. Our Freetail discs come in a variety of vibrant swirl colors, which may not exactly match the images shown, but will be the closest possible match. As for its flight ratings, expect a Speed of 10, Glide of 5, Turn of -4, and Fade of 1. This PDGA approved disc bears a unique serial number, SB-FT04-23, ensuring its exclusivity. Explore our other examples to get a better idea of the stunning swirl and foil colors available. Trust Mint Discs for the ultimate disc golf experience. 






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