8 Innova Molds You Should Throw, but Don’t Yet

​ ​With a wide range of over 100 models currently in production, some of our top-performing discs often go unnoticed. Here are 8 molds that have been flying under the radar, despite their undeniable value. The Whale is a reliable and stable putter, perfect for C1 and C2 putts. It offers a slight fade at the end of its flight and slightly less glide than an Aviar. This makes it an ideal choice for players who want a consistent putter that can handle windy conditions. The Whale is also great for tee shots and approaches, making it a versatile option for players who prefer to use one mold for multiple purposes.

The Invader is one of the best discs for driving and approach shots. It can handle torque while maintaining neutral flight characteristics. Its low glide rating ensures that it won’t get carried away in the wind. Whether you need a short upshot or a long drive, the Invader is a smart choice.

While our lineup of 5-speed discs is extensive, the Atlas often goes unnoticed. This unique Mid-Range disc features an overmold design with a firm, low-profile flight plate and a grippy rim. It has a mild turn and minimal fade, similar to the Jay, but with a different feel.

The Avatar is another overmold Mid-Range disc that often gets overlooked. It offers a slightly more overstable and torque-resistant flight than the Atlas, making it a great choice for players who prefer the feel of the Atlas but want a little more stability. Plus, its eye-catching stamp makes it a popular choice among players.

The Wombat3 is a highly underrated disc that we believe should be a staple in every Innova thrower’s bag. It’s the go-to Mid-Range for navigating wooded fairways, offering a true-to-release flight that follows the angle you put it on from your hand to the landing zone.

The TL3 is a versatile driver that offers a gentle turn and slight fade when thrown flat and with speed. It maintains a straight flight path and is great for both hyzer and anhyzer shots. If you’re torn between the TeeBird3 and the Leopard3, the TL3 is the disc you’ve been missing.

The Viking may be an older Innova driver, but its flight characteristics make it a perfect workhorse for controlled tee shots. It falls between the Valkyrie and the Thunderbird, offering a balanced flight that is neither too flippy nor too overstable.

Last but not least, the Invictus fills a gap in many players’ bags. It offers a unique flight that is not quite like any other disc, making it a valuable addition to any collection. Its flight is best described as unique, without replacing any technical terms. 






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