Vault Release Incoming – Be Ready!

​ ​By now, you have likely heard the news of Eagle McMahon’s departure from Team Discmania. While this change is bittersweet, we are grateful for the incredible 9-year journey we have shared together. Throughout this time, we have released numerous exceptional Eagle products, some of which have become coveted items in our Vault collection. With the recent announcement, we are excited to finally release these special collector’s items to the public. On Thursday, January 11th, we will be dropping our entire remaining inventory of Eagle Vault products online. Please note that all Eagle products will be removed from both Discmania Europe and US sites on Monday, January 15th. This means that you only have a limited time to get your hands on the remaining Eagle McMahon Discmania discs. Some of these products may have very limited quantities, so we recommend reading this article carefully to increase your chances of success. Among the Thursday Vault releases is the Iron Samurai 2. These Vault items are exclusively available to Shield Club members. If you are not yet a member, you can join the Shield Club by creating an account here and start enjoying the many benefits right away. It is important to note that adding products to your shopping cart does not reserve them for you. In releases where demand is higher than supply, securing your products is a race to the finish line. The only finish line is the “thank you” page that appears after you return from the payment portal to our store. If you are not able to see this page or if it only lists other items in your cart, unfortunately, you were not fast enough. However, if the confirmation page shows that you have successfully placed an order and lists all the items in your cart, congratulations, you made it! Now, sit back and wait for us to prepare your order for shipping. The Cloud Breaker 2 is one of the highly sought-after gems in our Vault collection. Please note that product options may be limited for a good reason. In limited and highly contested releases, we may not list specific weight, color, or stamp variations. Instead, they may be listed as “assorted” or “random.” This allows us to maximize the quantity of products we have in stock per variation and helps prevent issues with people losing items in their cart. 






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