MVP Neutron Watt (Reaper Edition)

​ ​Introducing the MVP Neutron Watt (Reaper Edition), the ultimate disc for beginners looking to elevate their game. With its eye-catching ‘flame vortex’ logo, this stable putter is not only a functional tool, but also a stylish statement. Designed to strike the perfect balance between weight, stability, and glide, the Watt delivers a similar feel to the MVP Glitch, but with a heavier weight. Its versatility makes it ideal for both throwing and driving, making it a must-have for any disc golf enthusiast. The Neutron Watt thrives on wooded courses, effortlessly navigating through dense forests with its daredevil lines. Crafted from the flagship blend of Neutron plastic, this disc is built to last. Its flight numbers of 2 speed, 5 glide, -0.5 turn, and 0.5 fade make it beginner-friendly, while still offering enough control for more experienced players. With a height of 1.8 cm, rim depth of 1.5 cm, rim thickness of 1.1 cm, and diameter of 21.2 cm, the Watt is the perfect size for shaping lines on wooded courses. Its flexibility of 5.91 kg and maximum weight of 176.0 gr make it a versatile and reliable choice for any disc golfer. Elevate your disc golf journey with the MVP Neutron Watt – not just a win, but a statement of style. 






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