Five Innova Moments that Took the Internet by Storm

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“Social media is a powerful tool for introducing new audiences to disc golf. By sharing impressive and unlikely shots from the course, we can reach far beyond the immediate disc golf community. For example, Innova’s Instagram post of Jen Allen’s two Tour Series Teebird aces was viewed over 35 million times, exposing millions of people to the sport for the first time. Here are Innova’s top 5 social media moments from 2023 that helped grow the sport.

1. The Most Popular Post in Disc Golf History: With 37.7 million views and 1.3 million likes, our clip of Jen Allen’s aces has become the most popular social media post in disc golf history. Her ace at the Beaver State Fling also went viral with 13.3 million views.

2. Blomroos Bombs Across Winthrop Lake: Henna Blomroos’s 500+ foot drive at the 2022 United States Disc Golf Distance Showcase was our most viewed TikTok, showcasing the beauty of a perfect, full-flight rip.

3. Viral Three Years Running: For the third year in a row, our post of Jackson Griffith’s Mako3 ace in a tight, wooded fairway has gone viral, with over 50 million views across three shares.

4. Inspirational Athlete of the Year: Daniel Pott’s center-cut drive with his left foot was our second most viewed TikTok, inspiring viewers with his determination and skill.

5. Reaching Beyond Disc Golf: Our goal is to entertain and inform our followers and fans, but when we can reach entirely new audiences, that is where social media is most powerful.” 






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