Black Edition Legends of the Lost Stones Mystery Box: What to Expect

​ ​The highly anticipated second and final chapter of Legend of the Lost Stones has arrived! The Black Edition Mystery Boxes bring a whole new set of Lost Stones, another key to the coveted Cloud Stone, and more exciting surprises. In this article, you will find valuable information about what to expect from the Black Edition Legend of the Lost Stones Mystery Boxes. We also invite you to continue following the saga with us as it unfolds on our website and YouTube channel.

We are proud to present The Legend of the Lost Stones, featuring our hero Dallas Walton Jr. as he unravels the mystery left behind by his grandfather, leading him to the ultimate treasure – the Cloud Stone! Those who have already purchased a Red Legends of the Lost Stones Mystery Box have one of the keys to unlocking the Cloud Stone for themselves. And now, within the Black Edition, another key awaits!

“You may have heard about a mysterious stone – a stone that grants its owner a powerful ability. A superpower. I’m talking about the Cloud Stone, a miraculous levitation stone, the stone of the future.” – Dalus Walton (Grandfather)

But Dallas Jr. won’t be the only one facing challenges. Discmaniacs have their own mystery to solve and opportunities to become legends in their own right. Be sure to tune in for the conclusion of the Legends of the Lost Stones saga on our YouTube channel on December 27th!

So, what exactly are Lost Stones? These are special discs designed with the Discmaniac in mind. They feature new mold and plastic combinations, along with unique Lost Stone stamps – making them a must-have in any enthusiast’s bag or collection. Not only do they look amazing, but they also perform exceptionally well on the course! Each Lost Stone has its own rarity level, and even the colors of each are accounted for in the included Collector Guide. The first person to collect all the Lost Stones in the ultra-rare Manianite plastic will receive a lifetime supply of Mystery Boxes! More details on the Manianite Challenge can be found here.

Each Mystery Box comes packed with a variety of discs from Discmania’s Originals and Evolution lines. You can expect:

– 150% value for your money
– 1 highly anticipated reinvented Originals mold
– 7 other discs, making a total of 8 in each Mystery Box

As with previous Mystery Boxes, we want to ensure that each box contains a great mix of plastics, molds, and specialties. 3 of the discs are guaranteed to be a Lost Stone (including the new Originals mold). You will also find 1 premium plastic First Run, Signature Series, or Creator Series disc. 2 discs will be stock run discs, one in premium plastic and one in base plastic. The remaining 2 discs will be misprints or X-Outs, one in premium plastic and one in base plastic.

And what would a Discmania Mystery Box be without some extra goodies? Each box comes with a special collectible item and a Collector Guide that can be displayed in a case on its own!

Unlock FREE SHIPPING on your Mystery Box order! Did you know that we offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount? Take advantage of this offer and get your hands on the highly coveted Black Edition Legend of the Lost Stones Mystery Box today! 






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