MVP Electron Spin

​ ​As you prepare to hit the disc golf course, the MVP Electron Spin putter is poised to impress with its smooth turn and grippy plastic. This versatile putter, suitable for players of all levels, offers a straight trajectory for short-range putts and a responsive turn for approach and driving distances. Crafted from high-tech baseline Electron plastic, the Spin provides excellent grip and is designed to maintain its glide and neutral flight over time. Its deep rounded rim offers a comfortable grip, while its reliable turn makes it a go-to choice for tailwind shots. While the unique feel may take some getting used to for beginners, the Spin’s adaptability makes it a valuable addition to any player’s bag. With the MVP Electron Spin, you’ll confidently sink those long putts and appreciate its ability to maintain a straight flight without fading. If you’re a fan of MVP’s Electron plastic and looking to try a putt and approach disc with a distinctive touch, give the MVP Spin a try. It’s a game-changing disc that will help you consistently nail those crucial putts and approach shots on the course. 






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