Axiom Neutron Prism Pyro

​ ​Introducing the Axiom Neutron Prism Pyro – the ultimate overstable midrange disc priced at $18.95. This disc features a stunning sparkly plastic and a distinctive beveled rim, providing ample grip for both backhand and forehand throws. With excellent wind resistance and torque resistance, the Pyro can handle even the strongest throws. Made to last, this dependable midrange is a must-have for any player. Also available in Plasma Prism Pyro and Proton Prism Pyro. Flight numbers: Speed 5, Glide 4, Turn 0, Fade 2.5. Commonly used for midrange shots, the Pyro offers an overstable flight and is suitable for players of any experience level. The beadless rim measures 1.6 cm in height, 1.3 cm in depth, and 1.6 cm in thickness, with a diameter of 21.5 cm. It has a flexibility rating of 12.05 kg and a maximum weight of 178.5 grams. Don’t miss out on the unique Axiom Neutron Prism Pyro! 






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