Innova Star Tern (Reaper Edition)

​ ​Elevate your distance game with the Reaper Edition Innova Star Tern. This stable-understable driver, priced at $18.95, is a must-have for intermediate players looking to improve their throws. With exceptional glide and distance, the Tern boasts a comfortable grip and a slightly narrower rim that makes powerful throws feel effortless. Whether you prefer backhand or forehand drives, the Tern’s versatility shines as it stands up, flips over, and soars through the air. The Reaper Edition Star Tern adds a unique touch to your disc golf game, guaranteeing stellar shots every time. Explore more options from Innova’s Tern line, featuring a speed of 12, glide of 6, turn of -2, and fade of 2. This distance driver is not recommended for beginners, but is perfect for those looking for a reliable and consistent disc. Made of Star plastic, the Tern is suitable for both backhand and forehand drives. Its dimensions include a height of 1.7 cm, rim depth of 1.1 cm, rim thickness of 2.3 cm, and diameter of 21.1 cm. With a flexibility of 11.91 kg and a maximum weight of 175.1 gr, the Tern is a top choice for players looking to up their game. Shop now and experience the unique touch of the Reaper Edition Star Tern on the disc golf course. 






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