Innova KC Pro Aviar (Reaper Edition)

​ ​Elevate your putting game with the Innova KC Pro Aviar – Reaper Edition, a top choice among world champions. This overstable putter is designed for optimal performance and durability, featuring a firmer feel and enhanced grip for precise short putts and confident drives. The beaded rim design allows for comfortable finger placement and consistent releases. With minimal glide and a reliable end of flight fade, the KC Pro Aviar is a reliable addition to any disc collection. Follow in the footsteps of Ken Climo and experience the boost in your play with the KC Pro Aviar. Explore more Innova Aviars in our shop. Flight numbers include a speed of 2, glide of 3, turn of 0, and fade of 2, making it beginner-friendly and perfect for putt and approach shots. The disc measures 2.0 cm in height, with a rim depth of 1.5 cm and thickness of 0.9 cm. Its diameter is 21.2 cm and it has a flexibility of 11.34 kg, with a maximum weight of 176.0 gr. 






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