Innova Star Destroyer

​ ​The Innova Star Destroyer is a top-of-the-line overstable distance driver, priced at $18.95. This versatile disc is ideal for both backhand and forehand flick shots, making it a must-have for any disc golfer. Its reliable flight path is perfect for extreme weather conditions, as long as you give it enough speed. Made with Innova’s premium Star plastic, this disc offers a great balance of grip and durability. While not as durable as Champion plastic, the Star plastic provides exceptional grip for a clean release every time. Professional players often choose Star plastic for their Destroyers. This particular Star Destroyer is best suited for intermediate and advanced players who have honed their technique and arm speed. Beginners may find it challenging to throw, but it can be used as a utility disc or for forehand drives in windy conditions. The Star Destroyer can handle high levels of torque without turning over, making it a reliable choice for distance drives. It’s no surprise that this disc is a favorite among professional players. If you’re looking to add a popular distance driver to your bag, the Star Destroyer is a must-have. For a similar disc with slightly less speed, consider the Halo Wraith or explore our selection of Innova disc golf discs. The Star Destroyer’s flight numbers are as follows: Speed: 12, Glide: 5, Turn: -1, Fade: 3. It is commonly used for distance drives and is known for its overstable stability. 






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