Lone Star Discs Alpha Tumbleweed

Vendor: Lone Star Discs
Type: Understable Control Driver

Lone Star Discs Alpha Tumbleweed is your go-to flippy driver when you’re craving durability with a side of performance. 

Lone Star’s Alpha plastic feels like a trusty companion on the course, offering a firm grip that’s similar to Discraft’s revered ESP blend. Perfect for those who like a substantial feel to their discs, the Alpha Tumbleweed brings a slightly more stable flight to the table compared to its counterparts, allowing you to trust in its path even when the breeze picks up.

Whether you’re executing hyzer flips or crafting those elusive long turnovers, the Alpha Tumbleweed’s premium plastic stands up to the challenge, providing consistent performance and a reliable finish, throw after throw.

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Flight Numbers: Speed 10, Glide 6, Turn -3, Fade 1






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