Lone Star Discs Bravo BearKat

Vendor: Lone Star Discs
Type: Understable Midrange

The Lone Star Discs Bravo Bearkat stands out with its unique beaded rim and a shallow profile, offering a grip that’s both comfortable and reliable. Its flight characteristics are fine-tuned for versatility, boasting a flight rating of 5/5/-2/1.

This translates to a disc that excels in delivering hyzer-flips and crafting those beautiful, long, panning anhyzers—a dream for players looking to add creativity and precision to their game.

Constructed from Bravo plastic, the Bearkat thrives in various conditions. Its flexible, gummy nature makes it exceptionally resilient, making it perfect for those cold weather rounds or when you need that extra bit of grip. The Bravo plastic’s durability ensures that your Bearkat will maintain its flight characteristics round after round.

Whether you’re a seasoned player looking for a reliable midrange or a newcomer eager to explore the finesse side of disc golf, the Lone Star Discs Bravo Bearkat is your go-to disc for control, reliability, and understable charm.

Flight Numbers

Speed: 5

Glide: 5

Turn: -2

Fade: 1






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