Legends of the Lost Stones: Manianite Challenge!

New precious Lost Stone material discovered – Manianite!

Be the first to collect all 14 Lost Stones forged in elusive Manianite, and you will be rewarded with one of each Discmania Mystery Box we release from this point forward! A lifetime of Mystery Boxes!

What is Manianite?

Legend states that Manianite was crafted by Norse heroes in the fire forges of Swedish mountaintops. Inspired by Razor sharp talons and suits of Iron, Manianite is a very rare composite found only in Lost Stones. Note that the Cloud Stone is the only Lost Stone not featured in Manianite.

Reports show only five percent of all Lost Stones can be found in Manianite, making Manianite Lost Stones the rarest of all. Only the most persistent and resourceful Discmaniac will be able to collect all 14.

Identify Manianite Lost Stones by their orange color, distinct sheen, shiny flakes, and subtle Manianite bottom stamp.

Claiming Your Bounty

Remember, you must be the very first to verify you have collected all 14 Lost Stones in Manianite. Many will hunt them, but only one can claim the bounty – free Discmania Mystery Boxes for life!

To complete the challenge, be crowned the Manianite Legend, and earn your prize:

Collect all 14 Lost Stones in Manianite (HINT: Use the Collector’s Guide to assist in your pursuit)

Send photo proof of all Manianite Lost Stones to store@discmania.net

Additional proof may be needed. Be sure to keep all Manianite Lost Stones  until you receive confirmation from a Discmania employee that your proof is valid and accepted.

This article, and our social media platforms will be updated as soon as the Challenge is completed.

Good luck Discmaniacs.






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